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Edwin’s Edibles CBD Gummies

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Black and white photo of Grandpa Edwin
Uncle Carl, Grandpa Edwin, Aunt Helen. Circa 1929.

Who Was Grandpa Edwin?

Edwin’s Edibles CBD Gummies was inspired by my grandfather Edwin who was a kind, intelligent, meticulous Iowa farmer who took great pride in his corner of the earth and the bounty it produced. He believed in hard work, responsibility and innovation — and so do we. Edwin’s time-honored approach is our secret to producing the best CBD products in the modern marketplace, exclusively grown and produced in small artisan batches in America’s heartland.

As an avid mountain climber and outdoor enthusiast, I have experienced enormous benefits from Edwin’s Edibles, from speeding up my post-workout recovery time to helping me focus and work more efficiently — so I have more time to spend outdoors with family and friends! I’m excited for Edwin’s Edibles to start enhancing your life, too.

Grandpa Edwin believed that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and that’s exactly how I created Edwin’s Edibles. In fact, I tested more than one hundred batches before landing on the recipe that we’re proudly using today.

I hope you’ll agree that Edwin would be proud.

~ John

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