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Benefits of CBD Gummies

Organic - Full Spectrum - Vegan

Top Four Benefits

The top four benefits of CBD Gummies that we hear the most from the fans of Edwin’s Edibles who experience numerous benefits from incorporating our CBD products into their daily health and wellness routines are:

  1. Enhanced sleep quality.
    Take one or two an hour before going to bed.

  2. Reduced inflammation.
    Take before or immediately after physical activity for inflammation- and pain-reducing effects.

  3. Improved focus.
    Take one in the morning and another midday to help your mind focus on important tasks.

  4. Boosted athletic performance.
    Take for pre-workout preparation and post-workout recovery.


We source our all-natural hemp exclusively from honorable, organic farmers in “America’s bread basket” — the bountiful Midwest. Crafted in small batches with an artisan’s attention to detail, our wholesome products are both safe and beneficial. Unlike other manufacturers, Edwin’s Edibles will never use gelatin, high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors and colors in our products. We work hard every day to earn a reputation as the most responsible, respected, highest-quality CBD purveyor in the modern marketplace.

Home-grown, wholesome and humble.

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